Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swine Flu Scanner released on iTunes App Store

Swine Flu Scanner for iPhone and Ipod Touch can be viewed on the iTunes App Store here: 

The animal that gave us pork, ham and bacon, now serves a fourth, unwanted helping of Swine Flu. Get the entertaining application that is spreading around the globe faster than the disease it diagnoses - Swine Flu Scanner.

Do you have Swine Flu? What about your friends, family or co-workers? Buy Swine Flu Scanner and have hours of fun scanning fingerprints to see who has Swine Flu and your level of infection! 

After your diagnosis how about a rescan, or perhaps a consultation in the relaxing offices of our resident Quack - Dr Ham Funk, an Uncertified Swine Flu Practitioner, fresh out of Mexico City University?

Swine Flu Scanner features:
- Fingerprint scanner analyzes body temperature and DNA mutations
- Varying levels of infection
- Consultations with Dr Ham Funk and his mood music
- Great graphics and ear-piercing sound effects
- Cute pigs

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