Saturday, June 6, 2009

80s Drumr released on iTunes App Store

80s Drumr for iPhone and iPod touch can be viewed on the App Store here:  

Transport yourself back to the 1980s, the decade of hexagonal drum kits, electronic beats and glammed-out light shows. With 80s Drumr you experience all this and more, playing your very own retro-tastic polygonal 80s drum kit with your fingers and thumbs.

80s Drumr features:
• 3 sound banks
• 9 hexagonal drum pads
• Drum sounds from classic drum machines responsible for many hits of the 1980s
• Play along with your iPod library and add some 80s drum sizzle to your songs
• 9 super-bright LEDs triggered by the drum pads
• Dazzling light show synchronized to your drumming
• Demo mode plays a demo beat letting you test out the kits (touch the 80s Drumr icon)
• Multitouch drumming fun
• Easy and intuitive to play
• High quality 16 bit 44.1kHz samples